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November 25, 2013

In 2011, Inter American Coal organized Mineria Interamerican (MIA) as the subsidiary to develop company owned coal mines in Colombia. MIA soon began the process of designing, permitting and purchasing equipment for Fenix mine in Norte de Santander. The site work to construct infrastructure including, living quarters, water supplies, food service facilities, sanitary facilities, access roads, power generation, conveyors, truck bins and offices began in August 2012. The underground mine development started soon thereafter with the intake tunnel and main fan. In May 2013 the development of the main beltway commenced and production began in October 2013.

The Fenix mine is a single section underground mine. Mining equipment includes a Fairchild F-33 continuous miner, a Fletcher single boom roof bolter and a Fletcher twin roof bolter, a Irwin face drill, three Fairchild battery powered scoops, a power center and 36” conveyor belt and structure. Subject to market conditions, MIA may expand Fenix to a two section mine in the future. The reserves in this area are high quality thermal coal (12,500 Btu, less than 0.7% Sulfur) and PCI coal. Fenix is the first 100% mechanized underground coal mine in Colombia. MIA has instituted world-class safety and health standards to both protect the employees and increase productivity.

MIA is also a good community partner. The company supports community projects in the municipality of Sardinata including local road repairs, community events, sports groups, local schools, infrastructure improvements, local police, military and other security groups in the area.